Campus Outreach Activity

The Campus Outreach coordinators:

  •  The president of Residents’ Council shall appoint several council members as coordinators to update photo albums of independent living residents on both east and west.
  • One of the coordinators appointed by the president of residents’ council shall obtain the vacancy information from the marketing department and the occupancy information from the billing department to present to Residents’ Council during the monthly meetings.

CHAIRMAN Graceann Steckbeck

Courtesy Activity

The Courtesy Activity shall send cards or notes to Residents who are hospitalized and to their spouses in case of death.  Notes of appreciation may be sent on appropriate occasions, or as recommended by the Council.


Information Technology (IT )Activity

The Information Technology (IT) Activity consists of a Chairperson, and at the discretion of the Chair, up to four members, all of whom have knowledge of Information Systems and its potential to enhance the life style of Bethany Village residents.  The Activity will liaise with the Maintenance Department, or the then responsible organization for providing Information Technology to the Bethany Village campus, seeking to improve and support the flow of information to and from the resident community using computers and the internet.

CHAIRMAN Maria Laterra
MTG TIME/PLACE Wednesdays @ 9:30 am West Computer Lab
MEMBERS Ed Bitzer, Dale Meadowcroft

Remembrance Garden Activity

The Remembrance Garden Activity consists of a chairman and at least two additional members who have oversight of the Bethany Village Remembrance Garden. The activity will acknowledge requests for memorial bricks and manage the order and installation of new bricks.              

CHAIRMAN Dale Meadowcroft

Special Events

The Special Events Activity coordinates resident activities such as porch socials, guest meals, etc.

CHAIRMAN Sandy Jones
MEMBERS Cheryl Brown

Woodworking Activity

The Woodworking Activity is an ongoing, but unscheduled, operational program.  Participation is voluntary and includes work on projects initiated and pursued by individuals, as well as on request for repairs and assistance from outside of the group.  The shop is cooperatively managed, maintained by those working therein, and is available to all residents of Bethany Village

MEMBERS Ed Bitzer, Jane Bonser, Bob Brommer, Kerry Butz, Charlie Davis, Len Harp, Joe Kearney, Ken Kieffer, Maria Lattera, Tom Johnston, Ron Savage, Beth Shank, Leroy Weaver, Ginny Wilt, Jim Wilt, Terry Wise, John Wolfe, Larry Wreight