Art Committee

The Art Committee shall acquire and arrange for the appropriate display of art, which has been approved and accepted by the Committee, and may also accept loans of art and arrange for exhibitions by local artists in the Gallery and other locations to enhance the attractiveness of public areas and to encourage interest in the visual arts on the East Campus.

CHAIRMAN Susan Stiller
MTG TIME/PLACE Once a month at least
MEMBERS June Kostrab, Kay Hess, Marcia Marsh, Mary Lou Dallam

Associate Appreciation Fund Committee

The BV Associate Appreciation Fund Committee shall supervise the collection and distribution of all Gift Funds contributed by the Residents for the benefit of the Bethany Village employees identified by the Human Resources department.

MTG TIME/PLACE When required – May and November fund drives and reception
MEMBERS Rita Sweeney,  Lloyd Chorpenning,  Kay Hess, Corrine Kostukovich

Audio/Visual Committee

The Audio/Visual Committee will provide knowledgeable assistance to entities within Bethany Village which use audio-visual equipment to support and enhance their activities and programming. The Committee will monitor existing equipment for functionality and report to facilities management when repairs are required and will make recommendations to the proper authorities regarding new equipment and adjustments of existing policies affecting audio-visual operations.

CHAIRMAN Bob Brommer
MEMBERS Jim Wilt, John Judson, Maria Laterra, Terry Stoudnour, Dale Meadowcroft, Kristin Juchem (BV Rep)

Benevolence Fund Committee

The Benevolence Fund Committee shall collect offerings at the Bethany Village Vesper Service and special Worship Services, deposit all such funds in the Residents’ Council Account earmarked “Vespers”, forward the deposit slip to the treasurer, and recommend distribution of funds to the Residents’ Council at the end of the year.

CHAIRMAN Anne Wagoner
MTG TIME/PLACE Sundays after Vespers & Nov. Mtg for final decisions regarding charities distribution
MEMBERS Nancy Enders, Nancy Rhan, Jean Junkins, Ralph Tygard, Pat Matthers, Kay Hess, Audrey Brown

Bethany Village Fair Committee

The Bethany Village Fair Committee shall: be responsible for the organization, leadership, promotion and management of the Annual Bethany Village Fair and Garage Sale, when applicable.

CHAIRMAN June Kostrab (Housewares)
MTG TIME/PLACE Meet approx 6 times per year. Two fairs per year, etc,.
SUBCOMMITTEES Tony Wright(Books),  Corrine Kostukovich(Dollar Store), Marcia Marsh(Xmas,linens, art), Alice Park(Crafts),  Kathy Salmon(Furniture),  Ellie Meadowcroft(Knitting), Jane Tracey (Bake Sale), Lois Zettlemoyer (Jewelry)

Care Assurance and Development Committee

The Care Assurance and Development Committee shall promote the Care Assurance and Development Programs by: 1. Introducing peers to the need for benevolent care and financial support for Bethany Village; 2.   Assisting the Development Office with programs, which invite individuals, churches, foundations and others to consider financial gifts to Bethany Village.  This includes the Bethany Village Care Assurance Annual Fund, the Care Assurance Endowment Fund, and other funds for specified purposes.

CHAIRMAN Kathy Salmon
MTG TIME/PLACE Call of the Chair
MEMBERS Ellen Kane, Corrine Kosstukovich, Phyllis Kegerris, Carol Pennington, Carol Lundquist, Carol Leidig, Lee Griffiths,
Leon Calabrese, Penny Cognato, Ginny Eaton, Ginny Wilt, Earl Norman

Dining Services Committee

The Dining Services Committee shall consist of not less than six members, including representation from all sections of the Independent Living Community, and shall be responsible for receiving and investigating comments, suggestions, complements, and complaints from residents who patronize Bethany Village food services, and then discussing those matters with Dining Services.

CHAIRMAN Dale Meadowcroft
MTG TIME/PLACE Tri-Monthly, 3rd Tuesday @ 9:30 am
MEMBERS Tom Cognato, Jean Dankosky, Evelyn Fisher, Barbara Hilt, Pat Karns, Ann Loy, Nancy Rohrabaugh, Phyllis Schweizer, Wally Simpson, Judith Clovsky, Joyce Kiefer, June Kostrab, Kathy Siddall, Delores Cloyes. Dining services: Bobbi Garland, Dustin Goss and Shawn Witman

Facilities / Maintenance Committee

Facilities / Maintenance Committee – Purpose: To insure that the landscaping and maintenance needs of Bethany Village are met and will enhance the beauty of our community.


  • Establish an on-going dialog with the Facilities Department on matters related to landscaping and maintenance
  • Committee shall consist of representatives from all sections of Independent Living. 

MTG TIME/PLACE Usually Monthly. Corp. Conference Room @ 1:00 pm
MEMBERS Kay Hess, Phyllis Kegerreis, Nan Keiser, Dale Meadowcroft, Virginia Noble, Bob Gasull, Anna Beckley, Corrine Kostukovich, Rita Sweeney, Tony Wright. Bethany Village Reps Brian Grundusky and Mark Ruiz

Library Committee

The Library Committee shall support the Librarian in making decisions regarding the purchase of new books and equipment, and engaging volunteer personnel; scheduling Library hours and any other Library issues as they arise.

CHAIRMAN Connie Scheib
MTG TIME/PLACE Quarterly: 1st Tues. in Jan, April, July & Oct @ 1:00pm in Alex. Dining Room
MEMBERS Sally Killian, Evelyn Fennel, Ellie Meadowcroft, Graceann Steckbeck, Karen Lamb & Kristin Juchem, BV Rep


The PARCR Committee shall:

  • Serve as an Advisory Committee to the Chaplain with reference to Sunday Evening Vespers and other pastoral services;
  • Consider religious activities other than those programs specifically under the direction of the Chaplain.

CHAIRMAN Lowell Starling
MEMBERS Joan Bretz, Cheryl Brown, Tita Eberly, Sandy Jones, John Judson, Jan Sibbersen, Tom Usiadek, George West

Program Committee

The Program Committee shall confer with the Resident Life Program Coordinator of Bethany Village in planning and promoting entertainment -for group participation.

CHAIRMAN Cheryl Brown
MTG TIME/PLACE Monthly: 3rd Thursday
MEMBERS Phyllis Kegerreis, Lloyd Chorpenning, Ginny Eaton, Bev Headley, Barbara Hilt, Barbara Johnston, Maryann Morefield, Corrine Kostukovich, Carol Lundquist, Sandra Newmeyer,  John Sweeney, Gerogianna Calabrese, Lois Heagy &  Kristen Juchem – BV Associates

Spiritual Living Enrichment Committee

The Spiritual Living Enrichment Committee shall:

  • Serve as an Advisory Committee to the Chaplain with reference to Sunday Evening Vespers and other pastoral services;
  • Consider religious activities other than those programs specifically under the direction of the Chaplain.

CHAIRMAN Lloyd Chorpenning
MTG TIME/PLACE Jan 27, Mar 23, May 18 2020 – 1pm, Alex Din. Room
MEMBERS Tommie Davis, Robert Gasull, Patricia Marr, Herb Osborn, Mary Slepicka, Susan Stiller, Jean and David Weiss, Sue Walker, Ex Officio Chaplain Brand

Wellness Committee

The purpose of the Wellness Committee is to help determine what would best serve the needs of the residents of Bethany Village by providing programs that focus on areas of wellness including physical, spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and vocational.

CHAIRMAN Carol Leidig
MTG TIME/PLACE Monthly: 3rd Monday of the month in West Residents’ Commons Room
MEMBERS Leon Calabrese, Mary Lou Fabian, Gloria Hoover, Val Johnson, Nan Keiser, Donna West, Tony Wright, BV Associates:  Justin Margut, Devan Simmons, Jared Whitsel, Kristen Juchem