Model Railroad Club

The Model Railroad Club exists to promote and support the interests of Bethany Village residents, associates, and their friends and family in building and operating model railroad layouts. It also provides entertainment and education about railroads for residents of Bethany Village and their friends and guests. Work sessions are held as needed to build and maintain model train layouts. Open houses for residents and friends and guests to watch the trains run are held during the winter for the indoor layouts and during the summer for the outdoor garden train.

PRESIDENT Lowell Starling
MTG TIME/PLACE Monthly: 1st Thursday of the month @ 4:00 pm in Springfields’ Private Dining Room
MEMBERS Tom Brown, Tom Cognato, Charlie Davis, Virginia Eaton, Jim High, John Judson, Harry Killian, Jim Long, Gene Mascioli, Jim Miller, Jim Price, Myron Roher, Kathy Salmon, Dennis Smith, Nancy Thomas, Dave Walter, Jim Wilt, Tony Wright. 

Garden Train Operators: Glen Gutshall

Garden Club

The Garden Club consists of all residents participating in the Bethany
Garden. Participation is voluntary and everyone follows the provided
guidelines. Gardening equipment is available to borrow. Excess
produce is welcome by Bethany Village residents in the East Breezeway
or by the West Mailbox area for a contribution.

PRESIDENT Mary Ann Swartley
COORDINATORS Cindy and Art Lindsay
MEMBERS Earl Norman, Charlotte Perrago, Kay Hess, Bill & Nancy Toth, Mary Smith, Ed Bitzer, Judith Clovsky, Jane Tracey, Curt Bonser, George Tjiattas, Lois Heagy, Bill Lambert, Kerry Butz and Maria Laterra, Jim and Ginny Wilt